Industry Fusion

IndustryFusion is the top-level open source project addressing open, vendor-independent and interoperable industry networking.

Information about the project

IndustryFusion is the top-level open source project that addresses the open, vendor-independent and interoperable networking of industry. IndustryFusion covers components, machines, materials, personnel and all other areas of a smart factory such as building control and enables deployment in the edge or cloud.


Main focus

  • Standards, protocols and frameworks for the digitalization and networking of Industrie 4.0 assets.
  • Adapter for standardized connection of apps, software and services.
  • Value-added application for both machine manufacturers and factory operators.


Apache 2.0

All information about the project



Open source end-2-end connectivity (machine, edge, cloud)
Process Data Twin
Multi-protocol machine connection
Kubernetes-based approach
"Develop once, deploy everywhere"
Transparency of all smart factory assets and locations
Rule-based applets
Regelbasierte Applets
Energy, maintenance and OEE dashboards

Work in Progress

Introduction of an IndustryFusion data room
Collaborative interaction between assets
Unique ID generation
Integration of new financing models
Trusted data sharing (Gaia-X)
ERP/MES connection
Edge analytics & data processing
App integration
Scaling of the system
Setting up a demo lab
Condition Monitoring


Blockchain & Smart Contracts
Integration of artificial intelligence
Machine Learning & Analytics
Predictive Maintenance

The IndustryFusion project is fully focused on creating and delivering an open source tool for industry networking.