The IndustryFusion Foundation

For a sovereign & competitive Europe in the digital age.
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Networking as a driver of innovation, prosperity & sustainability

Autonomous digital infrastructure for secure & transparent networking

Digital sovereignty & clear regulation of data sovereignty

Fast adaptation
new technologies

Enablement of scalable digital business models

Competitiveness of the "Old Economy" in the "New Economy

The IndustryFusion Foundation pursues the goal of securing Europe's digital sovereignty and competitiveness in the digital age through intelligent networking of the manufacturing industry.

IFF Sponsoring Einleitung

The basis for this is the creation and further development of the open source IIoT networking solution IndustryFusion, which can be used vendor-independently for the networking of smart factories and smart products. This digital infrastructure ensures a continuous flow of data from the plant to the cloud and at the same time provides the basis for the development of innovative digital business models and B2B platforms. 

IndustryFusion Foundation transfers through its projects (Green SmartFactory 4.0, IndustryFusion etc.) enable companies to build their own digital business models and platforms within the framework of a cooperative Industrie 4.0 ecosystem. In addition to this enablement of companies, the further training of users and the general transfer of knowledge on topics relating to the industry of the future are also on the agenda.

Opportunities for Europe

Building scalable digital business models & platforms

Rapid area-wide adaptation & further development of new technologies

Building lively cooperative
Ecosystems & Networks

Sustainable expansion of Europe's geopolitical sovereignty

Preservation of a prosperous & free society

More sustainable, climate-friendly industry & efficient use of resources

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