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Integration of distributed ledger technology (DLT) into the IndustryFusion environment is a strategic move to enhance security, transparency, and immutability across various processes. A two-phase implementation strategy is being pursued: Phase 1 focuses on digitalizing production capacities, digital identities, and assets. Phase 2 leverages real-time data feeds to introduce smart finance, insurance, and marketplace options. This integration strategy ensures IndustryFusion's processes are future-proofed, adaptable, and ready for growth, with DLT serving as a foundational element for innovation and transparency.

Main focus

Security and Transparency: DLT's decentralized nature ensures all transactions are immutably recorded, providing a transparent record crucial for industries requiring data integrity and accountability.
Real-time Data and Services: Real-time data streams enable innovative services like financing, insurance, and reporting, improving efficiency and creating new business opportunities by dynamically adapting to market conditions.
Digital Identities and Assets: DLT facilitates secure digital identities and asset representations, including digital data twins, unique registries, and product passports, ensuring authenticity and traceability of both physical and virtual assets.

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Thomas Saalmüller
Thomas Saalmüller

Sopra Steria SE

Zoltan Fazekas
Zoltan Fazekas