What is the role of the Smartbox in the IndustryFusion ecosystem?

The Smartbox forms the connection between the machine and the Factory Server. It processes the unstructured machine data into semantically standardised information. The smartbox provides the primary storage location for the digital twin of the asset. The Factory Server and the Cloud serve as backups for the asset's digital twin.

The Smartbox also validates the lifecycle data of the object and records it in the digital twin. In addition, pre-installed industry applications enable the data to be processed at the edge level, which means that the production process can be monitored and regulated if necessary.

What added value does the use of a Smartbox offer me?

The Smartbox provides validated real-time data for new business models and digital services such as Production Sharing, predictive maintenance and Equipment-as-a-Service. By controlling the real-time data, the functional reliability of the plant as well as the factory is increased. In addition to enabling new business models and digital services, the evaluation of the data can increase the energy and resource efficiency of the machine.

In addition, the Smartbox records all relevant machine data over the life cycle of the asset. This makes it possible to track operating hours, maintenance and repairs carried out. The standardised structure of the Smartbox software architecture enables the simple integration of new plants according to the plug-and-produce principle. Through the DevSecOps management approach, the functionality of all programmes used is checked and automatically required updates are carried out. The integration of old assets (brownfield) is also facilitated by the standardised infrastructure.

Apps installed on the Smartbox can generate even more added value. For example, findings from the analysis of the stored machine data can be transferred to the machine, resulting in an increase in production quality and process reliability.

Where can I purchase them?

The Smartbox will be available in various configurations in the 2nd quarter of 2024. Depending on the machine control used and the amount of data to be processed, the appropriate configuration will be determined.

In order to keep the programming effort on the customer side as low as possible, the Smartboxes are already prepared at the machine manufacturer and linked to the corresponding machines. The machine manufacturer receives a smartbox with a prepared operating system from IndustryFusion. Thus, this can be easily connected to the machine by using the Fleet Manager on the Factory Server. After the implementation process, both the smartbox and the associated machine receive a globally unique IFRIC ID. To integrate the machine into the IndustryFusion-X data room, it is then only necessary to establish a LAN connection between the Smartbox and the Factory Server. The remaining steps are automated and reduce the implementation effort for the factory operator.