Green SmartFactory 4.0

Lighthouse project for the concrete implementation of cross-manufacturer digitalization and interoperable networking with IndustryFusion.

Information on the project

Green SmartFactory 4.0 is one of the IndustryFusion Foundation's lighthouse projects, in which digitalization and interoperable networking is implemented across manufacturers. Based on Industry 4.0 criteria, the participating companies develop the administration shells (digital twin) for their assets and use them in real production environments (smart factories).

Main focus

Concrete implementation of Industry 4.0 based on the IndustryFusion Process Data Twin
Implementation of added value based on the networked smart factory: production sharing, pay-per-use business models, climate efficiency, ...
Deployment in different environments (edge, cloud, hybrid)
Cross-location networking of smart factories

Project management and contact person

Members of the project group

Dr.-Ing. Christian Bach
Dr.-Ing. Christian Bach

Simon Telöken
Simon Telöken


Christian Glowienko
Christian Glowienko

Kjellberg-Holding GmbH

News about the Green SmartFactory 4.0


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